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history of espionage wikipedia - modern tactics of espionage and dedicated government intelligence agencies were developed over the course of the late 19th century a key background to this development was the great game a period denoting the strategic rivalry and conflict that existed between the british empire and the russian empire throughout central asia to counter russian ambitions in the region and the potential threat, professor philip davies brunel university london - davies phj and gustafson kcg 2013 intelligence elsewhere spies and espionage outside the anglosphere washington dc georgetown university press issn 13 978 1 58901 956 0, 9 11 was an israeli job by laurent guy not the unz review - technical impossibilities thanks to courageous investigators many anomalies in the official explanation of the events of 9 11 were posted on the internet in the following months providing evidence that this was a false flag operation and that osama bin laden was innocent as he repeatedly declared in the afghan and pakistani press and on al jazeera, the art of war warring stars wiki fandom powered by wikia - the war to come will be the most terrible of all the countless small wars fought on the planetary level are almost always counter insurgent in character when it comes to fighting guerillas there are two schools of thought the first is the closed fist which calls for overwhelming force and, donald trump may have committed treason national - be civil treat others with basic decency no personal attacks shill accusations hate speech flaming baiting trolling witch hunting or unsubstantiated accusations, world war i useful notes tv tropes - towards the end of the edwardian era between 1914 1918 a war broke out between two alliances the french led entente cordiale and the german led central powers note these two power blocs comprised the richest and most powerful empires and nation states on earth commanding empires in europe and abroad leading to the biggest bloodiest most expensive most disruptive most damaging and, opinion latest the daily telegraph - 14 mar 2019 12 42pm comment wishing brexit was over if we leave on time life will return to normal sooner than you think